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Candeavor is a digital marketing and design agency based in California.
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The Story behind Project Doing Good

The Story behind Project Doing Good

“Mitty and I, the founders of Candeavor, met in the lobby of a budget hotel in Sydney, Australia. We were there for the International Rotary Youth Leadership Awards and the Rotary International Convention.  Although we were both from California, we came from very different backgrounds.  Whereas Mitty is from the technology center of the world, Silicon Valley, I am from the media & entertainment center of the world, Los Angeles.  And while Mitty had over a decade of experience in the Rotary family, I was just a newbie starting out. Despite our differences, one thing was clear from the beginning – we were both incredibly passionate about making a difference in the world — and we both love storytelling.

After less than a year of friendship, we joined forces and founded our digital marketing agency Candeavor on the belief that good marketing can change the world.  Project Doing Good first came about when Mitty and I were sitting in the Four Points LAX hotel bar. Collectively, we give a lot to Rotary so Mitty suggested that we consolidate those resources and make a bigger impact — globally.  Naturally, we turned to what we know best: digital marketing.

We wanted to solve one pressing challenge in Rotary, so with our limited resources in mind we decided that we could focus our efforts on helping Rotary Clubs all over the world create a stronger online presence. We wanted to build something every Rotary Club would use and all we needed in return was some effort from the members of each club.  After eight months of growing our business and with our burning desire to help Rotary, we settled on this idea and Project Doing Good was born.

Now this has been a major under-taking for a business of our size founded in 2015. We juggled many ideas to figure out the best way to pay for this incredible project, but in the end simply decided to just get started and give it all for free.  We even considered a donate button specifically for Project Doing Good to help with our costs of time, energy, and resources, but we decided against that.  We figured it would be better for the donate button to work only for your club and Rotary International.

So here we are in the beta stage of Project Doing Good, looking forward to see if our ambitious, a little naive, a little silly side project will make the impact that we intend. We know that regardless of the outcome, this is something Mitty and I care deeply about and we’ll have no regrets.

(Story written by Jermaine on behalf of Mitty & Candeavor)