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Candeavor is a digital marketing and design agency based in California.
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With every project, we love getting to know you and your dreams, visions, and hopes for the future of your business. Our process is tailored to make sure that we’re listening as much as we’re consulting, and that you end up truly satisfied with the solution that we come up with.


We believe every good design starts with an abundance of research. That means we’re going to want to meet you (whether that’s in-person, through video conferencing, or a phone call) to find out your unique needs and wants, and to let you get to know us as well. Once we’re both confident that the working relationship is a good fit, we’ll draw up a price quote and draft a contract for you to sign.


It’s not just about getting to know you, but also getting to know your competition. We analyze competitors’ websites and strategies, and use that to craft a customized approach that works with your business.



Once we have performed thorough and comprehensive research, we begin working on a formal proposal, including mock-ups and prototypes. We’ll schedule another meeting so that you can review our initial work and research, and so that we can set up a timeline for the whole project. Based on your comments and thoughts, we’ll continue to make edits and suggestions until you are fully happy with moving forward into implementing the design.



We begin to bring the designs to life! Depending on what your project entails, that could mean developing a functional website, heading over to the printer to get your business cards started, creating your company’s brand and story, or crafting an innovative marketing campaign to boost sales for your business. For design development, this is also a stage where we work with your team to make sure what we are developing is aligned with your vision.



After every project’s development phase, our team goes through your entire project for quality assurance & control. We also rigorously test your project and do our best to predict and prevent any issues that might come up.



The launch phase is a more than just flipping a switch and making your project go live. Launching is a full endeavor that requires multiple team members to be on call, to make sure we are able to rapidly respond to any unexpected fires that may (unlikely) appear. We are there for your team the entire way, and even after launch.

Our Services

Strategy & Branding

Equipped with industry-leading analysis tools and our own unique brand of creativity, our team works with our clients to elevate their business.

Branding and identity

Content strategy

User research

Competitive analysis

Marketing strategy

Social media analytics


Search engine strategy

Data strategy

Mobile strategy

Website strategy

Social media strategy

Product strategy



Design & Development

Our web and visual designers work closely with our development team to create gorgeous and modern websites, graphics, and applications.

Website design

Graphic design

Print design

Business cards

Logo design

Style guides

Mobile design

Motion graphics and video

Filming and video creation

Information architecture

A/B and multivariate testing

Product design

UX design

Social Media & Content

Our team lives and breathes social media. Let us focus on keeping up-to-date with the latest social media platform updates and algorithm tweaks.

Social media management

Reputation management

Social media advertising

Social media style guides

Social copywriting

Email marketing management

Brand voice guides

Goal setting, success metrics, and KPIs

Social media video production

Viral social media marketing

Social contests

Social media analytics

Social media branding

Technology & Training

Our team devotes 20% of our daily time towards researching and understanding the latest technological trends. We take everything we have learned and apply it towards benefiting your business, from technology integrations to training.

E-commerce integration

WordPress theming

Shopify theming

SSL & domain management

Quality testing

API integration

Technical consulting

Technology training

Web hosting

Website management training

Competitive analysis tools

Email newsletter training

Integration services