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Candeavor is a digital marketing and design agency based in California.
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Candeavor Four P’s

Candeavor Four P’s

In 1953, Neil Borden, then President of the American Marketing Association, created the “Marketing Mix”, which includes the widely practiced 4P’s. 4P’s stand for Price, Product, Place, and Promotion. The approach and application of the 4P’s have evolved over time but the core values stayed the same.

To help communicate Candeavor’s values and philosophies, we came up with the Candeavor Four P’s™, a witty spin-off from Mr. Borden’s Marketing 4P’s.

Practical Wouldn’t it be cool if we all had unlimited $$ marketing budget?

From powerhouses like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube to newer players like Snapchat, Phhhoto, Periscope, and Meerkat; there are simply too many platforms in the current digital media landscape. Candeavor is committed to understanding each one but it isn’t practical to try to conquer all of them simultaneously. We want your dollars to stretch as far as possible and we do it by figuring out where your target audience is paying attention.

Partnerships Even Batman needs a Robin!

Do you know somebody who tries to do too much and ended up not doing anything well? Yeah, we do too. To avoid that, we focus on what we do best (which, by the way, is digitally storytelling to millennials) and surround ourselves with partners who are talented in that one or two things.

We are not afraid to tell you that we don’t know something. After all, we believe that being honest about our capabilities will lead to better relationships and better results.

Perspective The greatest gift of all

A recent college graduate with $50k in debt and a single mother of 2 in Bloomfield, Kentucky can’t possibly have the same buying habits – so why should we market to them the same? In a world where majority of the media is produced in East Coast and West Coast, we understand that there is inherently a coastal bias of how things are done.

Purpose Why & Why Not?

Purpose and Intent matters. Media saturation is at an all time high. Consumers are well trained to block-out content that are ingenuine. You can no longer just say that you care; you actually have to care.

Candeavor is founded on the idea that good marketing can change the world; our purpose is to empower businesses and communities to achieve what they love through marketing.

The Candeavor Four P’s is the reflection of our company culture. We know that sharing this will help communicate our beliefs and attract people who are the right fit.