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Candeavor is a digital marketing and design agency based in California.
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Attracting Millennials

Over 50% of the world’s population is under the age of 35.

What does your business do to attract Millennials?

Candeavor’s team is founded by entrepreneurial millennials with years of experience in the design and marketing world. We understand how to attract millennials because we are millennials.

Largest Generation

Millennials are the largest generation in U.S. history — even bigger than the Baby Boomer generation. Millennials now make up the largest percentage of the workforce. Do you like what they are saying about your brand?

Proven Strategies

How do you decide what to post on social media to attract millennials?

Do you have a full queue of posts scheduled to publish on your social media platforms for the next few weeks? Are the posts based on your gut feeling on what will work? Or do you seek out data to better understand your stories’ virality?

We Train Organizations on How to Attract Millennials

Companies and organizations from around the globe hire our team to help them better attract millennials. Let us be your muse and help you grow your business.

We use state-of-the-art tools and analytics to reveal how your readers share your posts.

We can even tell you what they did afterwards.

Measure Your Social Outreach

Get the latest information, analytics, and statistics on how your social media posts are performing. From the number of shares, re-shares to how they generated traffic and conversions back to your site.

Brands we’ve worked with

What we do

We work with businesses to create their digital story, design their website, build their social media presence, and get them found online.

We help businesses grow their revenue and expand their market to millennials. You have worked hard to create your business. Let us help you get your business found online.

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